Dangerous Goods Packaging Overview

Dangerous Goods Packaging

GBOX Standard 4G/4GV Dangerous Goods Boxes

Complete Packagings

All inclusive packaging sets, ready to use

Plywood/Aluminium Boxes

Strong dangerous goods boxes for multiple use applications

Absorbants and Cushioning

Absorbants and cushioning for fragile products and liquids

Adhesive Tapes

Pressure sensitive tapes and accessoires


Inner liners for dangerous goods boxes

GBOX - 4G Gefahrgutverpackungen von Alex Breuer GmbHALEX BREUER GmbH is your fast and reliable supplier for dangerous goods packagings. Benefit from more than 20 years experience in the dangerous goods packaging business and rely on our in depth knowledge and support. We supply our products all across Europe. GBOX are dangerous goods packagings by ALEX BREUER GMBH. Dangerous goods packagings from dangerous good experts.

You are using different inner packagings ? No problem. We perform the required test for you.

All sizes of our GBOX Standard product range also have a V-approval. This way those boxes can be used in an even more flexible way, without further testing.

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The above listed cartons are approved for shipment of Dangerous Goods for sea-, air-, rail- and road traffic as far as 4G/4GV packaging (fibreboard box) is applicable. The cartons carry the appropriate UN approval number. Shipment of dangerous goods is subject to the following rules and regulations: IMDG-Code (Sea), IATA-DGR, ICAO-TI respectively (Air), RID (Rail) and ADR (road).

The cartons are approved for packing groups: I(X), II(Y), III(Z).

For using these packagings as 4G boxes please note:
The below listed cartons have been tested in combination with metal and/or plastic inner packaging. Using other than the originally tested combination, which usually is the case, BAM technical rules GGR-006 apply. In this case make sure that the inner packaging used in combination with the UN carton is as good as the one tested previously by the manufacturer. We recommend testing your packaging in our testing facilities at a minimal charge.

Regarding the use of all our dangerous goods packagings please always consult the relevant regulations for the used modes of transport.