UN2814 / Category A Specimen

GBox 6.2

GBOX - Gefahrgutverpackung BioBottle 2l Gefähriche Stoffe Dangerous goods packaging for infectious substances class 6.2, category A

Thermal control packagings

Chilled, frozen or ambient temperatures under control.

Specimen Transport


Packagings for infectious substances, category B

Bags, Absorbants, etc.


Bags and more you need for specimen shipments

GBOX - 4G Gefahrgutverpackungen von Alex Breuer GmbHALEX BREUER GmbH is your fast and reliable supplier for dangerous goods packagings. Benefit from more than 20 years experience in the dangerous goods packaging business and rely on our in depth knowledge and support. We supply our products all across Europe. GBOX are dangerous goods packagings by ALEX BREUER GMBH. Dangerous goods packagings from dangerous good experts.

Please note:

The transport of diagnostic specimens, biological substances and infectious material has to be conducted according to international dangerous goods regulations. The choice of a compliant packaging is based on the classification of the specimen into categories A or B. We support you with our profound knowledge of the regulations and our wide range of standard products as well as our packaging development capabilities. For shipments of biological substances, category B we offer the GBOX650, a ready to use shipping system including the required marking, absorbent and cushioning material as well as a rigid, 95 kPa internal pressure proof secondary container.

The packagings for infectious substances, UN number 2814/2900, can be used for all infectious substances, including UN 3373. ThermoGBOX650 is a range of packagings for the thermal control of you shipments. You didn’t find what you are looking for ? Please contact us, we can offer custom made packaging solutions for your individial requirements.