for category A substances, UN2814, UN2900 or UN3549

We supply packaging for the disposal of infectious waste classified as UN2814, UN2900 or UN3549 (ADR 2021). These products are designed for the waste transport to incineration plants, comply to packing instruction P620 ADR or P622 ADR 2021 and are UN approved for the transport of infectious substances or constructed according to multilateral agreement M317.

Please note: Before the shipment of infectious substances, category A, it is compulsory to:

  • Contact your dangerous good safety advisor responsible.
  • Adequately instruct all paries involved in the transport
  • Coordinate the shipment with the receiver, in the case of waste disposal the incineration plant.

GBox 6.2

Dangerous Goods Packaging
for infectious substances (UN2814 / UN2900)

  • Dangerous Goods Packaging for infectious substances (UN2814 / UN2900)


    Disposal of infectious waste For waste containing infectious substances category A according ADR. More than 97% of the packaging material can be burned when disposing the filled packaging. Packaging for the transport of infected animals for carasses affected by pathogens of Category A according ADR

    This packaging was tested and approved according to the regulations of the ADR for the UN Numbers 2814 and 2900

    It is constructed according to packing instruction 620 and consists of:

    1.) A pressure proof (>95 kPa) primary container, inner volume 20 litre 2.) Absorbant material 3.) Liquid tight secondary container 4.) Outer packaging made of corrugated cardboard

    The packaging is supplied with all required accessories and is ready for use.

    Technical Data:

    • Inner Volume: 20 Liter
    • Length: 440 mm
    • Width: 440 mm
    • Height: 810 mm
    • Empty Weight: 11 kg
    • Max. gross weight: 23 kg
  • GBOX 622
    Transport packaging for medical wast, category A, 60 litre inner volume. This packaging complies with the testing requirements of the ADR 2021 respectively the multilaterial agreement M317 for UN 3549 and is UN approved.
  • closing aid for Primary Container, plastic ring
    • Absorbant sheets
    • Capacity: approx. 5 litres of water
    • Size: 360 x 750 mm
    • Absorbant and cushioning material
    • in bags of approx. 100 litre
    • Absorbant and cushioning material
    • approx 100 litre per bag
    • Weight: 8 kg